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Therapeutic Patient Education Toolbox

In 2015, the SPIN Scientific Committee decided to conduct a worldwide study on Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) in Psoriasis, led by Prof. Jo Lambert of Ghent University. A first survey was sent through SPIN in the last quarter of 2015 with the aim to obtain a rough outline about the use of TPE amongst healthcare providers (HCP) during psoriasis management across the world.

It was completed by 247 unique respondents (34,1% response rate) from 71 different countries. 38% of respondents report to use therapeutic patient education and 26% claim these methods are evidence-based. Here are the main conclusions of this survey:

Following these results, the SPIN Committee decided to advance with a project to develop in a toolbox to aid with therapeutic patient education in psoriasis. The project started in January 2017, with an initial funding from the EADV - European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology for 2017-2018. This project is also being developed in close collaboration with the EADV Psoriasis Task Force.

Project team:
Ghent Univ.: Prof. Jo Lambert (lead), Lynda Grine
Charité Berlin: Prof. Alexander Nast, Corinna Dressler
Toulouse Univ.: Prof. Carle Paul
University of York: Paul Galdas
SPIN: Cheila Ramalho

You can also follow the project on ResearchGate!

Project timeline 2017-2020

Aim 1. Identify TPE and self-management methods used in practice by ‘experts’ in the field of psoriasis: who are the “experts” and how do they perform TPE in detail?

Aim 2. Identify the barriers that keep healthcare providers from using TPE: why is TPE underused?

Aim 3. Identify the patient’s needs: what are the most urgent needs amongst patients that TPE can address?

Aim 4. Systematic review of self-management and TPE interventions for chronic skinconditions: which educational interventions are effective (evidence-based) and address which patient needs?

Aim 5. Adapt and refine definition of TPE for Psoriasis: is the concept of TPE clear to everyone?

Aim 6. Developing the toolbox: can we offer the most effective educational interventions in a toolbox to healthcare providers?

Aim 7. Rollout period for toolbox: how do we offer this toolbox to healthcare providers? 

Our findings will be published in peer reviewed journals and presented at public health conferences.

Possible publications:
Publication 1: Systematic review
Publication 2: Roundtable discussion
Publication 3: TPE refined for Psoriasis: a modified Delphi process
Publication 4: TPE toolbox: content development, algorithms etc.

Possible congresses:
EADV congress and other international congresses

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